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Real Carding We produce and sell perfect replica plastic for in store carding


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Ladies and gentlemen.. Boys and girls... Proplastics have officially changed the game.

Are you a swiper?

Would you like to improve your swiping success rate and reach the next level of your hustle?

Would like to feel 100% confident when in the field?

If the answer to those questions is a resounding yes then it is important you heed what i say.

We have the capabilities to create perfect flawless replica cards for use when swiping. The cards might as well be picked out of the holders wallet.

The cards are perfectly printed using the very best in card production technology using the highest quality holograms, templates and embossing software. We are the bank.. Any bank.


the process is simple

1. Add proplastics on icq 726643845 and locate your dump

2. Send me the dump you want the card for and payment via btc

3. Proplastics will produce the card using the bank template for the bin. You will be shocked at the high quality

4. We will print whatever name you want on the card and also print the 16 digit number so that the card number of the dump matches the numbers on the front of the card

5. For a small additional cost we will write your dump on the card so that the plastic is ready for use

6. You will receive your cards in the post (shipping times vary) however every order will be completed in 5 working days.



each card regardless of bank costs $50 with a minimum order of 5 cards.

For the first month of our service the minimum order will be 2 cards

however after january 2018 minimum order will be 5 cards.

Shipping cost within eu is 10$

everywhere else is 20$

we offer no sample or test.

Get started now add my icq 726643845


we will never use your dumps

we will never do anything shady

we will ensure that each card requested is produced to the highest quality

we will ensure that every card produced is quality checked before shipping


i truly believe this is a new day in the world of swiping.

Trust us and we will make every hungry swiper around the world rich.

Proplastics 726643845

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