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Real Carding Shopping in the context of Uzbekistan and other countries. Or how not to be "accepted


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Shopping in the context of Uzbekistan and other countries. Or how not to be "accepted

Real Carding. Shopping in the context of Uzbekistan and other countries. Or how not to be "accepted".

1. First, in all countries of the world. For real-carding, there should be no-Len, stereotyped thinking, no knowledge of English. Partly conscience ,.

2. There should be - vigor, sociability, artistry.

3. Willingness to invest. Carding is a business that requires investment. As I remember now, one of my first "Guru" he was from Israel, as soon as I entered the topic, I urgently advised to buy "MSR" - with the words, "take care of him as the apple of my eye, this is your bread." I bought it in MSC for 700 bucks. Now I look it has fallen in price, but then there was other time and other prices. True, he then threw me on 1K bucks, offering Dump + pin. Immediately, be vigilant ebout dump + pin. After a fairly large khidos, I do not believe in this zamanuha for a long time. Answer yourself to the elementary question. Why should a person sell dumps with a pin code? It would seem all elementary, went to the ATM (ATM) stuck plastic, took off the loot - it's easier "parreno turnip." However, what prevents them from doing it themselves? Answer: or sell 201 dumps that can not be removed, or just bred us with you ...

4. As in any business - own information (I do not want to be trite repeating that anyone owns info, he owns the world). Read all the information from all sources, do the analysis - it will still come in handy.

5. About the RU and the CIS - do not tell anyone what you are doing. Do not read the negative (Criminal, Civil Procedure Codes)! You have to go to work with a positive attitude!

6. Nobody can be trusted !!! Will hand over. Only rely on yourself. Always have some kind of savings (NC) for CVs (emergency situations) in which I am now.

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Part 2.

When I started, my second Guru (from RU) dropped me a dump and said, "Piz-yo" for shopping, I want to see how you do with the nervous system. It was difficult morally, psychologically, it was necessary to wipe the plastic (numbers), the benefit in the shop was a grandmother who in the matter of payment through the POS terminal, understood even less than mine.

And then everything went off. I do not know how now in Uzbekistan, in my time this business was quite expensive. Given that every purchase in the shops (I mean MSC) required a passport, and then checked the data with checks POS (plastic number, name, surname) was quite expensive. I had to buy a dump + embossed plastic in my name + sometimes a fake pass) J Dear, well, you can not become a millionaire, but with normal activity, there was enough bread and butter.

CONCLUSION: Do not work in Uzbekistan and the CIS. This is the toughest (and I think fair control of transactions), if you take the place of the cardholders. Do not "expropriate" from their own, do not eat well.

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Part 3 (not final).

1. I always work alone. And shopping and selling stafa and settlements with suppliers, etc. etc. As the 2 nd guru once advised me: "And you are buhn before shopping and everything will be in the open") So I sat down. Every time I do not go shopping for sober. The main thing is to be toned and not to fall off your feet. Local people like it when a white person is drunk. It seems to them that they can sell more like that. J They are local sellers, completely unaware of the information on cards, payments, etc. They pay very little, so the staff turnover is very large. No one teaches them this (unlike the RU and the CIS). They have the main thing after rolling plastic through the PIC - "Mr. goodilinogood". Sometimes I can not see the text of a POS response, sometimes it gives an inscription in a local language that I can not read. To speak - I'm already talking, but I can not read. When they say "mister, noe gud", I smile, get another card and try it (I do not need to poke more than two), if not again, again I say "I'm sorry, misunderstanding, hold my goods, I go to ATM to take a cache or call in his bank, and he took the cards beautifully "fuck". At this stage it is necessary to include acting. Do not faint, do not sweat, do not blush, remove trembling in the knees and hands. (therefore, as my guru said - "sober to do business - do not respect yourself and business).

2. About the dumping of dumps: A very good thing, though not free. I once used it. It gives you an opportunity to determine whether you should go to the "Russian roulette shopping" or the eternal lottery, and earn the next stress, or look through the checker-valid or not, and also go and again get nervous stress. I used to carry a computer in my backpack behind my back.

Conclusion: Checker is a good thing, but does not guarantee that you will come and remove 1K. And most importantly - you need to check the material literally in 15-10 minutes. Before shopping. I do not know what the chip is, but after dumping the dump dies VERY fast. I checked the material sitting literally on the threshold of the store.


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I would not go buhim, it's better sober and well-thinking
would not have taken a shorter chance

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