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So system is about playing poker on 6 max tables in way that u makes your frauds invisible to support

1: Accounts:

Most important thing is BinList, not all bins r approved for gambling. Sometime even thoes BINS can bo blocked manually, but most of them works fine. U shouldnt use same BIN over and over, becouse its can be cause of flagging BIN in payment proccesor/bank.U need only lvl1 card (name/last name/cvv/c number/addres/zip), and RDP ( Remote Desptko Connection ).When u buying RDP's better to ask about RDP thats *clean* for poker/gambling.Cvv country must match to rdp country.Zips, cities etc isnt so important, but its always better to match also city. RDP's location can be checked on ip-score.com.Here is RDP recomendet configuration

All information need to be correct, ZIP and tellephone number ( u can change 2 last digits if u want ). U shouldnt use more that one CVV per account.If u use more than one, account will be frozen.When u make a deposit try avoid lot of deposits. Best option is to make only one maby 2 deposit not MAX, and avoid multiple deposits in one time,becouse that could be reason of locking account in most of cases(some poker romms arent affect so much).400-500 is enought for begin.

1a: Cardables PokerRooms :

- Poker Stars *
- Fulltil poker **
- PartyGaming Network ( PartyPoker, WPTPoker, Gamebookers )
- Bwin.com
- Cerrus ( Absolute Poker , Ultimate Bet Poker )
- Micorgaming

You can use multiple legit accounts, MG ( Microgaming ) for example allow to have few accounts,becouse its poker network with dependent and independent poker rooms, runing on same softwre and payment proccesor.Legit account should be able to send veryfication documents for example, ID / Utility Bill / DL / Bank Statement / Passport / Credit or Debit card scan ( if that card was used for deposit on legit account ).

* PokerStars req. VBV/MSC in some cases
** FTP dont work ATM becouse of ponzi scheme

2: What to do with carded account.

Dump chips ! . But there is one more option, try to make more money than u deposited. Winnings are semi clean so even if u lose them to your legit accounts that wont care support.Just go to any table with mid stakes ( NL100/200 ), and try to play good. I always have theory and told that new/fresh account have more *luck* than other.I noticed, that they catch more good cards when they play loosy.Better for your seciurity to dont play only one game on one table with your account.You should play 2-3 games on 2-3 tables.Try to avoid login to your legit accounts, then try to make or login to carded account same time. I always log to carded accounts, start play on table, than after 20-30 minutes im joining to that table with my legit account, or im make carded account few hours earlier and joining to my table when i play 2 tables ( u need to have multi-tasking skills for that to focus on 3-4 tables at once and dont lose )

This range is enough loosy to play carded accounts.*

3: Schedule

Its example of weekly game scheulde, *Green Days* are fraudless days, U need only to play some hands ( until you dont lose/win 1/1.5BI or 45 minutes/1 houer of play ). Its also good to play with carded account and legit account, same time but on different tables.Orange one are *Fraud Days*. Good amount of dumping money its 100-150BB from carded accounts, better to avoid all in's preflop. Carded account should be more calling station than aggresor ( more in advnaced part )

4: Distraction

We dont wanna to make attention to us, so u need to find one, meaby two players that they also are on table.If u will make some trick u can ban player, poker room takes his founds to play chargeback and you wont be affectd to whole thing. Wait to spot wher u get very bad cards and that player raise you. Call only his bet and on flop when he will bet, make raise and left on your stack $0.01. When he will goes all in, and it probably do, u will fold.When you dump chips to your account avoid calling all in's.Thats behaviors causes Better to make few smalest dumps in good situations

5: How much money can i dump ?

U cannot count this in money, u need to count is in BI ( Buy In ) or BB ( Big Blinds ,100BB its maximu stack that u can bring to tabble ).I ussually dump 100-150BB from one carded account. Some time i play 2 carded accounts one day, and make trick two times to same person/persons. This requried to play more poker this day. Weekly it can be 6-8BI of winnings, if we play legit account good, and dont lose much money.

IMPORTANT : u need to have same hand range/style of play to your legit account, when u make dumps or play legit !

IMPORTANT 2 : U need to play on same stakes when u play for dump or u play for legit !

6: Cashouts

Most poker rooms allow only cashout way same way as we deposit money. Its better to do not make cashout of entire bankroll, better to make it split in several reasons

- U still have money to make dumps
- It dont look better if u make fresh account, play few hands, win big and cashout entire amount.
- If u play also after cashout u showing them that you r regular player, what is big advantage.

IMPORTANT : Cashout succes depends of rake that u made !

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