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Real Carding Cash withdrawal scheme CC


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We will be able to play with video clips or as they are also called "video banks"
What is the flow of water can be learned simply by Google. There are a lot of them, and 99% of them are not Russians, and practically any cc are driven into it independently of the country, so every newcomer who will do this with a pazy mood will cope)))
From the protection of everything on the standard - dadik under the staff or tonely, although I used the configured HMA! Proxy and this was enough ...
So what will our work consist in? Having hammered here the most simple, and the most difficult to find those who help us earn some money on this ... Luckily these people are a pond-pond if you know where to look and this manual is dedicated to this!
How much you will earn is an abstract question because it depends on several factors, such as greed, resourcefulness and communication skills. I pick up this scheme 6-8k a day from one person, but it's not quite my profile, and that's why I want to sell it.
The meaning of the job is to find stokers (those who upload their photos and video on the drains) and offer them to earn by the time of withdrawal 600-700 $ and they agree with a very high probability. All you need for work is to buy an inactive account with a number of friends from 100, I bought here

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And now we have an account with a photo of a real person and now we need to decorate it with appropriate content ... We add a bunch of groups with video studios, we foul the wall with all sorts of ads from videos of weddings, clips and other crap.
All now our account is ready to work !!!
Enter the search in the queue requests # video clips, # photoshots, # video banks, # microstocks
There will be an incredible number of groups to help earn money for beginners, that's how it is our contingent for work !!!
We go into the group and look through the wall, we are looking for people who are clearly working on the drain and ask him how it is more polite - how long does he earn on drains, and then whether he tried a lot and tried to derive (in fact, we take his answers, but this helps to set up communication between you), and then offer him to earn extra money on his stock ..
He certainly wondered how he could earn so much. And then we appear to be an advertising agent from which thread a cool advertising company in which the responsibility is to find material for different orders for video clips in online advertising. Speak that before all the advertisers went and filmed their material and there was a need to keep several operators in their staff, expensive equipment, and now it is enough to sign a corpus package for a month under individual conditions with several drains and put a person who simply skip the script and the storyboard, and he himself looking for suitable videos on the drains and this person is you !!!
In general it sounds very true and the person calms down ...
He asks how he can help you and what will be his earnings ..
You explain that you need to buy 20-30 rollers per day and it would not be bad if there were people from whom you would buy all the time, and they would roll you back for buying money ... Here everything comes from your greed. they do not take anyway drains on average work 40% on 60% where 40% of the stocker.
And for this reason I proceeded from a fixed rate of $ 100 purchase on 1000r
This is not a big amount and on this stocker is likely to subscribe!
IMPORTANT!!! Do not ask for money in advance !!! Govrite that count on a long-term cooperation t on this are ready to first make sure that the person received the funds to his account.
Ask to drop the profile in the drain to study the material and immediately how to throw off the write-what you found there a couple of videos that you just need for urgent orders, say that you will buy them now under the extended license and you can easily make a purchase from it by 150 or $ 200
And as soon as he receives confirmation by mail and replenishment on his account he should throw you on a card or kiwi 1500-2000r
Do not be greedy because every stoker hangs at once on 7-8 drains on average and believe if you tell him after the first replenishment to buy from him more rollers on other drains he will gladly agree !!!
And now this scheme in the controlled version:
With the help of the above-mentioned not complicated manipulations, we find the stocker and offer him a "partnership" in the form of cashing out office money, saying that you still buy videos and want to earn some money on this and ask for only $ 1000 for every purchase for $ 100, and you promise him a stable earnings on sink and purchase every week is stable and that for every 15th day he will have $ 600 on the sink (each 15th of the month is the time of withdrawal of money from the sink)
On the sinks everything is simple, even my grandmother will break apart, and I can drive a deinirirate with the hands of the hands)) hissed the video and after 10 minutes boldly ask him to throw off your profit ...
All the money he got into his account, the profit you got you all happy))
Now we offer him to buy from him and he gladly agrees ...
And so continue with all his accounts, you can even with oneth cc!
Nuances: shutarstock is the most popular with stokers, but it does not drive in so you immediately say that you do not work with it !!! Ask if it is on the Videoblock drain if it is the first to drive it there because it has the highest% payment to the stacker for the purchase, so this is not a bad start to put it on the hook.
If you will drive 1 cc to $ 100 per account, then the chance that the dam will fall and the stocker will receive all the money that you promised him and all will be fortunate and it will be possible to work really on an ongoing basis.

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