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Real Carding Carding died? What you should count on. Or how to make money on carding


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Lord, for a long time already in my head sat the idea to convey my thoughts on what is actually said in the title. Apparently the stars so agreed that it was today that I wanted to express my thoughts, because this was preceded immediately by two events. First, today I saw for the first time how in a supermarket a person paid for a purchase with PayPass and immediately it caught up with a bunch of thoughts in my head, and yes, I did not "sit", live in a pretty big city and really the first time I saw this process in live, had probably never paid attention to laugh.png And secondly, on a nearby board, I noticed a topic with the same name as this article, and so the opinions of the "experts" were divided there. Some believe that carding died the final and still add something like: "There used to be times ...", and others say that you can still work. Well, let's see ...

If you have read my articles earlier, then for sure you will immediately understand that I personally hold the opinion that there is still a place for carpenters in the caravan, but with one condition - there should be a head on the shoulders. With other of my publications, you can see in the library of the carder.

Man differs from the general mass in that he is able to think and can have his own opinion. Therefore, I will only say what I think personally. I certainly did not manage to find the same "golden era" in carding, which I often hear when everything was easy and it was easy to raise a dough, maybe the old people will join in and tell you how it was at that time. Yes, and about the real I will not say, because it is far from this.

My acquaintance with carding began with a huge fuse in the ass, I wanted to row a grandmother with a shovel, yes more. However, life as usual quickly puts in its place and I realized that this very fuse quickly burns out and I remain with nothing. So with confidence I can say that only cold calculation helps, not only in carp but in all matters in general.

Personally, for me, the carve is a kind of hobby and not a means of earning, I prefer a more stable income than hoping for something. It's like, you can sit on one doshike for two months and barely make ends meet, and you can cut off a hefty profit on a new topic in a couple of days. Especially difficult for beginners who come with the same fuse in the ass, drain all the grandmother on the mat, burn out and the frustrated leave, saying that carding has died.

Beginners are advised to take on topics easier, stay in the smallest, gradually moving to the complex. If you buy a $ 200 mate and kill it in 15 minutes trying to get money out of the stick with the help of the exchanger - then of course, in this case, carding has died.

If there is a pity really learn something and have money - it is better to buy training from trusted sellers. Of course, independent learning can also bear fruit if competently to approach the process of its training, personally I got my first profit without investing a penny.

The conclusion is that, do not look for a stable income in the carg, it is not here and will not be, and I never thought ... If stability is needed, it's better to resell the apple products from Moto, or use some other tried-and-true service on the forum to receive guaranteed income.

Can someone have something to add? I will be only happy if you agree with me - put a plus in the turnips, thank you!


I fully support.
I myself was with this very "fuse", so I can say for sure that no matter how much such advice is raised here, people having read the topic, but not realizing everything on their losses and mistakes, will not understand that carding is not just in our time.
As for the article, it was excellent, I found myself in this for sure)


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Carding is alive, but already smells ...
With money :)
The main job is carding, there is also work for cover.
Normally it turns out if you do not chase after Ponte and feel sensitive.
An ancient as the world scheme, a dump plus a pin. Only not the whiplash and the draining of the skim and the rare purchases of people are more serious than me. There is clearly a drain on bank employees.
Almost hundred percent in an Internet on a dump pin throw, it is concrete lohovskaja. And if you really sit in it only on one condition. To sit in a team and not even to take (for example) a dump from the side.
Those who skimmed with pins give under the shelter REALLY, those and percent keep tasty and clearly warn of what and how and most importantly when to pour. And there is a counter on which you immediately distinguish the divorce from the real. Dump pin is sold only not in the city. Because one of the goals is not with the scam, it's ridiculous to talk about it, to take the job to another city.
But I repeat that there is no random sales of dump-pin on the market. Only on recommendations or just let them disappear. Dumps to the ass. A pin in the kit count almost real money in your pocket.
Therefore, on the ad sell I will give a pin to the left and to the right 100 percent divorce.

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