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Real Carding card coinbase.com


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We will milk the office called coinbase.com, many have heard about it, but it is correct
Work on it do not know how. the amounts are relatively small, but if done on the stream, then
you will get quite a normal income.
So, what we need for the instant corporation bitcoins in this office:
1 usa bank acc (wells quite suitable, but it is desirable to use other usa tubs), 1 usa
enroll with a balance of 3-4 bucks, number for receiving sms (it is possible to wail)
So, let's begin.
1) We make the grandfather under the Holder / Sox or Tunnel.
2) We make the telephone number under the state / city of the Holder here

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We update the balance
from any cardboard for 20 bucks and buy the desired number)
3) We use gmail or aol mail.
Now with all this pribludoy go to coinbase.com, we regage, there is a simple, soap - a pass.
We go to the soap, verify it, clicking on the link from the letter.
Further we go in akk on coinbase.com, on the left we poke Buy / Sell, we have settled what from the right View limits:
we fall on a page of verification
first of all, the phone number, then the bank is verified (in advance we write out
acoount & routing numbers from Wells, I think everyone knows how to do it). There are two options, instant
verif and minideps, I certainly always choose the instant, because if I'm lucky and it will be verified, then
we will quickly get the cue ball, if not, then we do not lose anything (except for time), we wait
So, our bank ack verified, then we add the address, HAVE IT FROM THE ROLLER!
Now poke add credit card, add ss. Roller should be with the possibility of a spotting
pending payments. We add ss, go to roll, watch pending payments, enter them, voila -
ss verifiled. All verification steps will always be visible to you from the bottom left, the first
verif phone, then verif bank accoun and verif cc will appear:
So, we passed the first level of verification, what do we have? We have the opportunity to purchase
Once a week a bitokoin instant worth $ 100 (the payment goes with the bank acka), the purchase of times in
week / month NOT by instant (4 days credited) for $ 3000:
So we got the first level of identification, go buy cues, poke Byu / Sell, enter
the amount of bitcoins equivalent to one hundred dollars:
Bitcoins are credited to your account instantly. But sometimes they go into pending, it happens if
flamed soks. in some cases pending may result in cancellation, but this is rare, at
least at the moment.
got bitcoin on balance, go to blockchain.info, we regret there Bitcoin's own purse and merge
there these cue ball.
At this stage, the transfer again goes into pending for an hour, this is the standard procedure for transferring
bitcoins. Usually, even before, grandmothers leave. So we got bitcoins in the $ 100 equivalent,
further we spend them, we buy ss / soks / vpny, we change on webmoney and so on.
Well, about the sweetest. The second level of verification. After it is available to buy instant
bitcoins in the equivalent of $ 1000.
To go through the second level, we will need ssn and dob to the main data, in each
they are in principle. Enter the complete data, ssn, dob, if all the hoods given are true, us
perekedyvaet on the page with questions from BG. You need to answer in 4 minutes. Better in advance
to study BG in order not to fail. Strongly difficult questions do not have questions like at which address
you lived in such a year and so on.
If we answered all the questions correctly, then it remains to wait 30 days from the moment of the first purchase
ATTENTION: we take the enroll and register its acinbase on its data !!! bank ack take wells (or
any other) but the name of the Holder of the bank is written from the roll. Also it is desirable them a little
to lie back after that putting them on the depot is not an instant, then everything is better to be displayed.
my recommendation:
It is advisable to make an order when the rate of the cue ball drops (this increases the chance of payment from
After we have made our account, we do a rest in 24-48h.
While there is a seclusion, throw a bit of bitcoins on the coinbase (for a couple of bucks), then translate to
another bitkoyn purse, pretend that this is not a novoreg for laundering money, but a full-fledged

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