News Breaking of DailyMotion affected 87 million users


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The operator of the popular videohosting DailyMotion confessed a week ago, that recently tested the "problems with safety, provoked from" outside, compromising of data of indefinite amount of users happened as a result of that.

In past Monday DailyMotion was added to the list of the broken up web-sites - Hacked Sites, that is conducted by the proprietors of репозитория of LeakedSource. Access to the bases of is given on subscription; in obedience to new position in the list of accessible bases of the poured out data, at disposal of LeakedSource there is information over 87,6 million users of DailyMotion. Representatives the видеохостера scale of loss while was not specified.

The stolen data include email- addresses, names of users and in cipher passwords. As far as it is known, for the passwords of DailyMotion uses the хэш-функцию of bcrypt, driving away an algorithm 10 times with changing of the key. In theory it must complicate decoding or, at least, do breaking more labour intensive.

In published on Tuesday блог-записи DailyMotion calls users to change a password, and to the partners, integrating videoservice in appendixes or platforms for an entrance through OAuth 2.0, recommends to whip off passwords force. "Safety of your accounts is very important for us, and we accept all proper measures for authentication and correction of shortages, - DailyMotion declares in a blog. - Therefore from caution we call all partners and users immediately to change passwords".

As well as in many analogical cases, the pre-trial hearing did not educe a technique and concrete date of breaking. From some data, киберинцидент took place in October. It is said in other reports, that order of 20около the 18 million) stolen records contain the and user name, and password.

DailyMotion is considered a direct competitor YouTube, at least, in the field of stream video, although her traffic far fewer. A company DailyMotion exists already 11 and is based in Paris; 90е actions belong to the French mediaconglomerate of Vivendi, 10 телеоператору Orange.

Breaking of DailyMotion is a new link in the long chainlet of analogical incidents happening in a leaving year. So, last month it was known about losses on the web-sites of acquaintances of, Penthouse and Stripshow. Before was filled up by the bases of LinkedIn, Twitter, Myspace and Tumblr. However the greatest shock, perhaps, September confession of Yahoo caused about breaking, entailing a theft 500 million client records. Verizon gathering to buy web-service back of Yahoo after $4, 83 milliards, until now specifies the details of transaction, this revelation could not not influence on the terms of that.

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