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Payment Systems "Bill me later" method


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Hello today I will try to elaborate on how one may perhaps utilize the Bill Me Later service to card goods
First some insight on what is Bill Me Later? Here are a few facts:

-Bill Me Later is a pay as you go (or as your target goes lol) method of paying for online goods by opening a new line of credit.
-It is similar to a credit card although no actual credit card is needed.
-Linked with PayPal this program uses the cardholders credit history to assess approval worthiness. (The richer the vicitm the better)
-Their service site offers a list of sites where one may use Bill Me Later instead of a credit card.

Now for the actual practice. As mentioned in the listing, this technique is not 100% guaranteed by any means, but with enough effort & common sense, it just may be possible to turn this into a gold mine.
Ok so first things first you will obviously need some tools to start the carding process, unless you like LE rats on your trail.

These tools include:

A laptop
Fake E-mail
A VM Software (I reccommend Oracle VirtualBox) coupled with a VM loaded onto it (Whonix Gateway> Whonix Workstation reccommmended)
TruCrypt encryption software
VPN of your choice
Wine for loading windows apps on linux
Vip72 Socks client or similar
A target (preferably high credit score one) & their SSN (obtainable for people 30 & over on bstab.su) DOB Address Phone & a credit report on them (optional)

Once you have these things obtained you may proceed onward to the next steps:

Step One: Open virtual workstation & start up all your security measures
Step Two: Access a Socks5 proxy within the location of your target's city
Step Three: Use Tor & go to BillMeLater.com & sign up with target's info
Step Four: The target must be approved before able to open new line of credit. So wait for approval or if denied try another identity.
Step Five: Once you have an approved target, now the fun really starts (credit limit allowing)
Step Six: I reccommend once you get this far to take it slowly & not do anything too hastefully & greedily, so you might want to make small purchases to test the waters, then gradually build up to big stuff.
Step Seven: Rinse & repeat


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Thanks for your read remember to always use drops, deny everything, cover your tracks.
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