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Real Carding Article about CC + SSH / SOCKS5 for beginners


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I will write about such seemingly trivial things, but in fact it is very important for a beginner to thing, like time optimization when combining SSH / SOCKS5 + CC. Dediks do not use it yet.
I do not like to depend on anyone (the sellers can be offline), so my choice, in view of price and independence, fell on:

1. SOCS5 vi * __ 72.
2. Proxyfier.
3. Any CCShop.
4. Paid (private checker) does not kill the SS. I will use u * -m * r * et.in. I'm not faking references. 50 checks in my checker cost about $ 1. They are bezcharzhevye. The amount is not deducted. Convenient and does not cut the credit card. At me any has not killed.
5. Anonymity verification services. I'm using

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. Sex in Troy is better than in a double, so I use them together. Just throw them into the bookmarks, in the browser from which I hit. This is also a small part of the "Time Optimization".
1. We have already registered with the SSH / SOCKS5 search service.
We start the client. The principle is the same for all countries. I already chose USA. Next, the program offers me to choose the staff. And if you are a beginner, this is a test for you.
In the screenshot I showed what to look for when choosing. We put the name of the state. We look at the number of nascals / ssh in the state.
Choose the most fat state, well, or one of the fatty. I circled them in red in the screenshot below.
We do the same when choosing the CITY in STATE. Choose the most bold city.

Further, in the screenshot below it is clear that the program will show us all the socks available in this LARGE CITY, LARGE STATE, MAJOR COUNTRY.
Choose the one you like and click the right mouse button on the toe, press the BL CHECK button. So we immediately understand, a clean sock, or dirty.
The screenshot shows a pure soks and it would seem all right, you can take the Sox and buy the SS. But no. This is just an illusion of the virginity and innocence of the sock.

Activate the sock with a double click on it and turn on the Proxyfier. Prior to the configuration of such programs, I will not go down.

2. The Sox is connected. Go to

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On whoer.net we look at:
Country: United States
Region: New York (NY)
City: Brooklyn
ZIP code: 11223

What's the catch? And the fact that the region and the city may not correspond to what you have chosen or not to display at all.
Those. you made a selection in Brooklyn's soks, the sock is in the section with Brooklyn, and in fact in whoer.net, he's from Arizona, the city of Phoenix.
By default, we look at the Bleeclist and the correspondence of time, webRTC, etc.
Accomplish at this stage a beginner, as 2 fingers pester.

On whatleaks.com click the button (top center) Check proxy. In the port graph the port of the proxy can be shown - 80. I do not know whether this is critical or not, little experience. But I did not take chances. I did not take these and went back to finding socks.
An important factor is also the speed of the sock. You can see it in Proxyfier. Start loading pages and go to the tab with the delay or look in the lower right corner of the program.
If the speed is up to 3kb, look for a new sock.
7kb - already suits me, no matter how it sounds.
I hiss. At 1 driving in my scheme, which I'm describing here, it takes about 40 minutes. From choosing a sax, to driving. From this I get $ 35. I consider the rules for the beginner.
If the sock suddenly flew off, it happens somewhere in 10%. Do not piss. He could just fall off. Close the browser, close the proxy server. Try reconnecting to the client for socks. Then restart the browser and the proxy server.
Adhering to this strattery in socks, you exclude most of the jambs, which could be identified only by experience and save a lot of hours of time, which can be spent on driving.

3. The Sox in a large city is connected and checked. Excellent. I forgot to mention that at the moment when you make a sample in the client of socks in the city, in shop_ss, you need to make the same sample to make sure that the cards are available.
!!! The turning point !!!
We pass to the purchase of SS. I recommend shops where there are no cars when buying. You need the shops, in which the check is at your discretion. Those. buy a credit card and you are given 10-20 minutes to check the card in the shop and get a manibek, in case of her death.
We buy the SS we liked, we pass to our paid-private check-free checker. I can not write a link. You yourself namutite. We put our credit card in there and press the check.
If the card is dead, we check it in the shop and get an exchange. If not, then there are 2 options. At what one of them for the beginner, will be a gift for the new year from me.

Option a:
We leave the credit card and quietly drive.

Option b:
If you do eigifts, for example games or something else, you can do this:
We return back to the top of the article, to the word "turning point".
At this stage, we have a customized sux already attached to the system and choosing a shop for the sux.
We are arguing at the post office, we go to the site of interest to us with referrals, which are sent instantly. For example, the keys to the games.
We are inflaming the shop, clicking on the links and registering the account.


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I just throw them into the bookmarks, into the browser I'm hitting.

It seems to me it is superfluous.

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