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    Stuff carding UK Non VBV CCV with $1570. Need help to cash out large amount. (Will sell for right price)

    I Need help to cash out a large amount from this cc. It is non vbv and i have all the details including mobile number and email account. If anyone can help PM me. I also have a few other accounts with 400 - 600 which i am willing to sell. Thanks
  2. Enclave

    Virtual Carding Carding Questions

    Hello guys I am new here in the forum, I will give my contribution to this community, if you need help on carding, ask something I will answer your questions.
  3. FXGG

    Virtual Carding EU non-vbv bin list [More Detailed]

    Originally Posted Here - Originally Posted By - Mark_Lataev Original Post - 401805, 402360, 409015, 413585, 416029, 424607, 425723, 435659, 450608, 450625, 450663, 453243, 454108, 454617, 454618, 455218, 455221, 455262, 456140, 456354...
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    U.K NON VERIFED BY VISA BIN LIST 434313 446291 525303 476367 459384 446292 446259 489396 374691 374693 379186 415929 446272 446274 “I have not tried any yet so comment below and let me know.“ Share your Best Non VBV Bin’s Comment + Like + Follow For More Freebies + Content + Advice
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    Virtual Carding Non VBV Bins UK List

    If anyone can share certified Non VBV UK bins that would be very simcards in bulk from eBay if you need to change your number a lot.
  6. Mark_Lataev

    Virtual Carding EU non-vbv bin list

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